Honda generators

Honda generators

Honda generators

Lawn mowers, tractor lawn mowers, hand tools 

HONDA garden program includes:

  • lawn mowers,
  • tractor mowers,
  • trimmers,
  • hand tools  
Thanks to a range of products, Honda has been leading the market for decades. The characteristics of the honda garden program are: comfort, efficiency, quality. 
HONDA tractor mowers are different from the competition by technologically advanced solutions.
Trimmers and hand tools are powered by four-stroke engines. The garden program has low maintenance costs.

Honda Lawn Mowers: Very Smart

From features that save you time and money to technology designed to make mowing easier, Honda mowers are a very smart choice

  • Simple, easy to use features
  • Money Saving features that can reduce your cost of ownership
  • Adaptable features for your personal preferences
  • Reliable features designed to provide years of superior performance
  • Time Saving features that reduce your mowing time

Twin blades

Honda mowers offer our exclusive twin blades. Twin blades offer a superior cut, which results in a better looking lawn.
And twin blades cut the grass into smaller pieces, which means better mulching, better bagging performance, and a lot less work for you.

Details that make a difference

  • Better bagging
  • Easy on-off grass bags
  • Ball-bearing supported wheels
  • Ergo-Active handles