Cobus 3000

Cobus 3000

Cobus 3000


COBUS 3000 – unbeatable features

  • Extraordinary transport capacity » Efficient fleet management
  • Shortest embarking and disembarking times » Short ”turn arounds”
  • Passenger doors on both sides » More mobility and flexibility on the apron
  • Engine/drive train developed especially for airport use » Unbeatable economy
  • Aluminium body » More than 25 years vehicle life time

Up to 110 passengers fit comfortably in the COBUS 3000 (according to IATA AHM 950). That is double the amount that fits into a normal solo city bus.
Short ”turn arounds” optimise terminal capacities, and the transport concept of the COBUS makes the quickest way of moving passengers to remote
positions possible through comfort and performance.
Three oversized double doors each side of the vehicle allow quick and easy embarking or disembarking. The pneumatic ”kneeling system” 
assures that passengers of any age are guaranteed a safe and comfortable step height making both entering and exiting a short time process.
The ”two way exhaust system” automatically leds the exhaust fumes out to the side of the bus opposite the open passenger doors.
The materials and the colour combinations chosen for the passenger compartment meet the highest standards. Up to 14 seats assure
a relaxed and comfortable stay on board, and the optimised arrangement of the hand rails ensures safety everywhere inside.
Tilting side windows, an exceptionally high interior ceiling and two electrically operated roof hatches guarantee a comfortable
and pleasant atmosphere throughout the passenger compartment.
The ergonomically designed cockpit with adjustable steering column combined with an adaptable driver’s seat makes
stress-free and tireless driving possible even after many deployments. Large rear view mirrors allow superb all round vision in the COBUS.
Optimal conditions for safe and accident free manoeuvring on the busy traffic filled ramp area.
An optional air conditioning system for the passenger compartment is offered for especially hot and tropical regions.
Whilst air conditioning of the driver’s cabin is standard equipment even retrofitting an optional passenger compartment system creates no problems.
Many of the maintenance relevant components, for example the electrical cabinet with the complete electrical/electronic installation,
are easily accessible in the passenger area. Simple maintenance procedures can, therefore, be taken care of without the need for workshops
and the associated down times.
Service flaps fitted to the vehicle sides as well as the front and rear of the COBUS, allow for direct access to maintain relevant components.
Should any of these panels be damaged during tight manoeuvring on the ramp the relevant part can simply and easily be exchanged with
very little or no down time of the vehicle at all.

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