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Repair shop – Centar S, from Belgrade, who does business from 1967, is located in Bolec, and surely is one of best equiped repair shops in the region. Within the company is the Service Center for passenger vehicles and lights trucks. Repair shop itself is organized in that manner that provides customers with solutions to solving problems related to vehicles in one place, starting from small repairs, diagnostics with original equipment and professional staff, solving even most difficult malfunctions, a great offer of spare parts (original or premium brands), and equipment as well as body and paint shop.

Besides abovementioned, cooperation of Centar S, Belgrade with almost all renowned insurance companies, provides accident reparation in the shortest possible period and with minimal stress to the customer. We try to satisfy customer demands in every segment. Our aim is to be always ahead and predict customer needs and demands.  Centar S auto repair shop comes with a professional and efficient service station, with trained professional servicemen, that are ready to meet customer demands in shortest time possible.

When to undertake major vehicle repair?

Every vehicle make has an recommended mileage when a major vehicle repair should be undertaken, and it’s the choice of the driver/owner if that advice is considered or simply ignored. If you still decide to ignore, then our advice is that you take the major repair before the advised mileage, and not after, because you risk expensive consequences. If you are the second or the third owner of a vehicle that has not had repairs by an authorised service, we kindly advise that during minor services you ask from the mechanic that the conditions of the motor belt, tensioner to be checked as they are usually ignored and they influence the quality of driving. The recommended mileage can be checked in the vehicle book. We note that the mileage varies, because of different car models, so we recommend you seek additional information for an authorised repair shop. If you are a person that does not drive a lot, then you must pay attention to vehicle age, and it is recommended that the vehicle repair be taken every seven years.

Regular vehicle repair implies checking and testing conditions of vehicle parts, servicing or replacement of certain parts and fluids. Regular vehicle repair provides security and reliability of the vehicle. All vehicle parts are prone to consumption, therefore by time their functions weaken. Small vehicle repairs are preventive change of parts before their malfunction, that bringing to major breaks. Vehicle repair should be undertaken no matter the condition of their parts is.

Body shop

Body division of Center S is equipped with modern punkt equipment and BLACKHAWK scheme for vehicle stretching and in combination with professional and trained staff ensures quality and professionalism.

Paint shop

New painting chamber with preparatory division ensures perfect painting for the entire vehicle or any part of it.

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